Statutes - Editorial Independence Clauses

Editorial Independence Clauses

I: Editorial Independence

Section 1: Purpose 

1.1 The purpose of this article is to establish and safeguard the editorial independence of FOUNDATION PYGMALION – DIGITAL MEDIA DEBATI.BG in its journalistic pursuits, ensuring the integrity and credibility of the content produced.

Section 2: Editorial Decision-Making 

2.1 Editorial decisions, including story selection, reporting, and analysis, shall be made independently by the editorial team, free from interference by ownership, management, or external entities.

Section 3: Non-Interference from Ownership 

3.1 The owners, management, and any affiliated entities shall not unduly influence editorial decisions to preserve the autonomy and impartiality of the journalistic process.

Section 4: Journalistic Integrity 

4.1 Journalistic integrity, including accuracy, fairness, and truthfulness, shall be paramount in all editorial endeavors, and journalists shall adhere to the highest ethical standards.

Section 5: Separation of Business and Editorial Interests 

5.1 Clear separation shall be maintained between business and editorial interests to prevent conflicts of interest that may compromise the independence of editorial decision-making.

Section 6: Diverse Voices and Perspectives 

6.1 FOUNDATION PYGMALION – DIGITAL MEDIA DEBATI.BG is committed to reflecting diverse voices and perspectives in its content, fostering inclusivity and representing a wide range of opinions within the society it serves.

Section 7: Transparency and Accountability 

7.1 Transparency in editorial processes, attribution of sources, and corrections of errors shall be prioritized to maintain the trust and accountability of our audience.

Section 8: Conflict of Interest Management 

8.1 Robust policies for identifying and managing conflicts of interest shall be implemented, and disclosures will be made to the audience when potential conflicts arise.

Section 9: Whistleblower Protection 

9.1 Whistleblowers within the organization identifying attempts to compromise editorial independence shall be protected from retaliation and afforded necessary support.

Section 10: Legal Protections 

10.1 FOUNDATION PYGMALION – DIGITAL MEDIA DEBATI.BG shall assert legal protections for journalistic freedom and freedom of speech, defending editorial decisions against legal challenges when necessary.

Section 11: Public Commitment 

11.1 FOUNDATION PYGMALION – DIGITAL MEDIA DEBATI.BG] publicly commits to upholding editorial independence through statements on its website, promotional materials, and public engagements.

Section 12: Amendments 

12.1 Any amendments to this article must be made with the utmost consideration for preserving and enhancing editorial independence.

Adopted at a meeting of the Management Board of the „Pygmalion“ Foundation on 14.12.2023