The America for Bulgaria Foundation presented the donors of the Great Basilica in Plovdiv with their “adoptive” birds

Емил Стоянов, Нанси Шилър
The America for Bulgaria Foundation presented to the benefactors to the Great Basilica in Plovdiv, including EVN, ATARO CLIMA, SIENIT Holding, Speedflow and the Pygmalion Foundation, photographs of the birds "adopted" by them from the mosaics bird images in the most ancient Christian church discovered so far in Europe.

The Episcopal Basilica of Philippopolis is the oldest Christian temple discovered in Europe. It was built at the beginning of the 5th century on top of an older building of similar size and probably similar function. Епископската базилика на Филипопол The basilica was destroyed in the middle of the 6th century for unknown reasons. It is extremely large - its total length is 86.33 m and its width is estimated to be 38.50 m. Епископската базилика в Пловдив The mosaics that covered the basilica floor are some of the most interesting findings from the site exploration. They cover an area of ​​approximately 700 square meters and have very interesting motifs. They boast a multitude of different colours and shapes, and in many places there are images of birds. Епископската базилика в Пловдив The design and construction of the building and the exhibitions are funded by the America for Bulgaria Foundation. The square and the technical infrastructure are built and funded by the Municipality of Plovdiv. Епископската базилика в Пловдив At the centre of the exhibit will be the two unique layers of mosaics and architectural artefacts found on site. The visitor experience will also include virtual reality, interactive touch screens and educational elements targeted at the youngest visitors. The ambition is for Plovdiv to have a world-class site to add to its other major tourist attractions. Епископската базилика в Пловдив Епископската базилика на Филипопол